The Three-Breasted Woman Has A Message For The Doubters Out There (Video)

Jasmine Tridevil's 15 minutes of fame aren't up quite yet, even as her story is being called false by multiple sources.

A Tampa, FL, media crew got an exclusive interview with the three-breasted woman outside her Florida home.

In the interview, Tridevil plays it close to the vest; she's hoping to save the best information for her reality show.

The reporter does ask to see the famous third breast, which Tridevil flashes briefly. As Jezebel was quick to point out, the middle boob does seems pretty plasticky in the new footage.

The legendary rumor debunkers at Snopes have published an article attempting to disprove the third breast.

Tridevil's website domain was reportedly registered by Alisha Hessler and a Tampa-area massage therapist of the same name has previously performed several elaborate, Internet-based hoaxes.

This might be the end of the three-breasted woman.

H/T: Jezebel