This Guy Is The Selfie King! His Instagram Has 17k Followers And 95 Posts That Are All Selfies

by Robert Gordon

We never thought we’d see the day this happened, but this guy has absolutely mastered the art of taking the selfie.

Barry Winfield, Jr., better known as mrpimpgamegood on Instagram, has over 17,000 followers on the photo-sharing site, with only 95 posts, all of which are selfies.

From in bed to on the road, he shows an array of situations in which he takes a photo of himself from close proximity, each with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of likes.

Some of them show him clean shaven, while others feature a mustache, and only one seems to be taken by somebody else.

We’re not sure what make his selfies so successful, but we’re certainly taking notes. Check out some of his pictures below.

Top Photo Courtesy: Instagram