The 'Today' Show's Description Of The Sexting Process Is Absolutely Hysterical (Video)

Last Thursday, "The Today Show" put together a segment trying to explain sexting and how it is influencing teens to have crazy amounts of sex, much more than any other generation that came before them.

Before you read on, please be warned of the unbearable awkwardness that follows: this is old white people talking about hooking up.

Host Matt Lauer has it all figured out.

"So a teenage boy will be sitting in a classroom, there will be a teenage girl he's never even talked to, and he will pick up the phone and text her 'I wanna hook up or I wanna do this to you, are you willing?'" he asks in the segment.

My God.

Not only does Lauer forget that a phone number is necessary in the act of sexting, but he also confirms the long-suspected fear that anyone over the age of 40 simply has no idea how the men and women of Generation-Y flirt with each other.

If you're not cringing already, have a look at this mock-up of what the show's producers apparently think the average teen sexting conversation looks like:

Old white people seem to think that modern teens just text each other the most flagrantly obscene sexual requests, things that are usually uttered by drunken desperate singles at bars.

Here's a video of the full segment:

Via Slate, Photo courtesy of Tumblr, 'Today' Show