The Father Of The Girl Who Wrote An Open Letter To The Makers Of 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Has His Own Response And It's Epic

by Edin Veljo

Recently, a daughter of one of the former business partners of "The Wolf of Wall Street" wrote a letter criticizing Martin Scorsese for his glorification of Jordan Belfort and his crimes, and how the film lacked adequate expression of how Jordan Belfort's crimes affected the investors as well as the families involved.

Christina McDowell was just a freshman in college when she started going to court for the trial of her father, Thomas T. Prousalis Jr. Her letter was published by LA Weekly on Christmas Day and it had a profound effect as it went viral all over the Internet, appearing on multiple websites and blogs.

This letter highlighted the tough times she and her mother went through dealing with the trial and the countless people calling her home, threatening to sue her because her dad's fake accounts were in her name. McDowell explains further how her father left her close to $100,000 in debt.

At the end of her letter, McDowell encourages readers to stop their support of "The Wolf of Wall Street" because it further provokes people like Jordan Belfort to continue to commit such crimes, encouraging others to follow in his footsteps.

Well, the father has written his own response piece and Thomas Prousalis completely destroys his daughter and LA Weekly in his letter. He talks about how McDowell's "15 minutes of fame" has brought about much "unwarranted embarrassment" to the family and how LA Weekly showed a lack of journalistic judgment by publishing the article.

McDowell completely defends Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio as they are artists and mentions how she, as a struggling actress, should understand that they are gifted storytellers. Further, he says that she has committed the most damage of all, presenting false facts and accusations in her letter.

Prousalis then goes to talk about his role with Stratton Oakmont and how he was being tried for a completely different crime than the one his daughter mentions in her original letter. He goes on to defend the cast of the movie while condemning LA Weekly and its journalists for publishing such a letter without properly fact-checking.

Below you will find Prousalis's full letter, disputing his daughter's original letter, which attacked the makers of "The Wolf of Wall Street"

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