The #aftersex Selfie Is The Most Regrettable Trend To Hit Instagram (Photos)

by Katie Gonzalez

Talk about a TMI — while the number of #selfies might be reaching new highs, the #aftersex selfie trend is definitely a new low in oversharing.

For reasons I totally can't understand, couples are taking photos of themselves cuddling post-coitus.

And while you might think the whole flush-faced, sex-hair look is good for your and your lovers' personal photo album, it's a bit much when shared on Instagram and tagged as #aftersex.

We get it. You just had sex. The shirtlessness and the bed pose kind of tipped us off.

The photos are just about as awkward as you'd imagine, featuring guys and gals wrapped in towels, smoking cigs under the rumpled sheets, and close-ups of two faces mashed together in the big-spoon little-spoon position.

But since the popularization of the selfie (looking at you, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna), the trend has evolved into snapping self-pics of more than just one's face.

Kim K pretty much has a patent on the #belfie (butt selfie, duh). And apparently pics focused on weird body parts/personal acts aren't the only snapshots overexposing -- selfies with homeless people and funeral selfies are also trending on sharing sites.

Not cool, Internet.

H/T: Daily Mail, Top Photo Courtesy: Instagram