Teen's Dying Wish To Donate Organs Has Saved Over 50 Lives

One Pennsylvania teenager's death saved the lives of many.

Easton-native Amy Souders could not foresee losing her son Cody when he was just 18 years old.

The college freshman was an avid guitar player with tons of potential.

Souders told CBS News,

When he would smile, I don't know, you just felt engulfed by Cody.

Cody accidentally overdosed on prescription pills in October 2013 and was declared brain dead five days later.

Doctors reportedly told the family Cody would never wake up so they acted on his previous request to have his organs donated.

Several people are alive today solely because of transplants involving the boy's heart, liver and kidneys.

Someone gained their sight from his donated corneas and numerous burn victims benefited from his skin.

Cody's tendons, bones and veins are just some of the additional body parts given to desperate recipients.

When all that could be used was donated, over 50 people received a piece of Cody.

His mother said,

If there's a person that gets even another day with their child or their dad because of Cody's organs, it was well worth it to us, because we would do anything to get another day with him.

The family continues to draw attention to the importance of organ donation and raises money for the worthy cause by completing the annual 3K run and walk, Donor Dash.

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