Amazing Teen Brings Tampons And Pads To School For His Female Friends

by Emily Arata

Sneaking crinkling tampons to the bathroom makes high school even more difficult than usual.

Adjusting to menstruation is a tough job, especially for teenagers.

What's more, many men see menstruation as a taboo subject.

In an effort to support the female friends in his life, a Miami teenager posted a moving social media plea for equality.

Jose Angel Garcia, 15, asked his male followers to begin carrying spare pads or tampons "to help out our girl friends" and show solidarity and respect for feminine issues.

Using the hashtag #realmensupportwomen, Jose won support from women all over social media.

Jose posted an unusual update to his Instagram page two months ago.

Alongside a photo of himself holding pads, he posted a lengthy caption encouraging guys his age to do the same.

The post picked up traction, and even Kotex responded to #realmensupportwomen.

Many people contacted Jose, and he posted an update.

He wrote, "I'm really shocked about [what's] going on... but thank you to all of u who are being so nice towards me... I didn't expect for this to be what it is but I am proud of it."

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