Teen Sentenced To 8-Month Detention For Attacking Boy In Viral Video

A 14-year-old girl was sentenced to eight months in a young offenders' institution after a video emerged of her attacking a boy.

According to reports, the girl assaulted the boy, also 14, over a drug deal.

The attack occurred in the South Croydon area of London on May 13.

In the video, before taunting the boy and repeatedly hitting him in the face, the young girl tells her friends,

I'm gonna smack this yute.

The victim apparently made no effort to defend himself or run away.

Police found out about the video on May 14, and the girl reportedly pleaded guilty in court two days later.

This isn't the girl's first run in with the law, however.

On May 7, she appeared in court regarding a previous attack on a girl.

Her lawyer, Kathryn Hovington, told the court the girl is currently involved in anger management.

The girl cried and hugged her parents before being taken away and was reportedly too upset to speak.

Prior to the sentence, her lawyer said,

[She] is a person who has shown real intelligence and insight. She is able to reflect and she knows that she becomes  wound up and is unable to restrain herself. She regrets her actions and was not aware of the victim's vulnerability. She has asked me to apologize on her behalf.

The girl's father said he felt "gutted" after the sentence was read.

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