This 18-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Just Got A Big Modeling Contract

This young woman's desire to be a model goes far beyond her own dreams.

Recently, 18-year-old Madeline Stuart, an Australian teen with Down syndrome, shared the inspiring story of her desire to be a model.

Now, less than two months later, Madeline signed a modeling contract with Manifesta, a US-based activewear brand committed to creating diversity-positive clothing and changing the stigma surrounding disability.

The teen also received offers from more than seven other brands that support her quest to change traditional beauty standards; in addition to Manifesta, Pin Up Girl Clothing, Mint and Chopsticks Clothing and Got Glam Cosmetics presented modeling opportunities to Madeline.

She was even asked to make appearances on television shows in Germany and Hong Kong.

In order to pursue her dreams of modeling and create a healthier lifestyle, Maddy lost over 40 pounds.

On its website, Manifesta wrote,

The company added,

The activewear brand encourages its customers to turn focus away from comparing their sizes to numbers, and so, it uses flowers to represent different sizes.

Although Madeline is receiving an incredible amount of attention, her mom, Rosanne, insists she always knew her daughter would share an important message with the world.

In fact, Rosanne told Daily Mail Australia,

Madeline's drive to change society's beauty standards is truly inspiring.