WTF? Teacher Breaks Up Fight In Class By Whipping Students With Belt (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Though many of us deem corporal punishment a cruel and outdated practice, physical punishment remains legal in 19 US states.

This shocking video recently filmed in an American classroom calls the ethics of the demeaning practice into question.

The footage, uploaded to LiveLeak a couple days ago, shows a teacher breaking up a classroom fight by whipping the troublemakers with his belt while other students scream and seem to flee in fear.

The children in the video appear to be in middle school and all don uniforms, suggesting it was filmed in a private school classroom.

This video may come as a total shock for most, but in 2014, the Children's Defense Fund reported an average of 838 children were hit in classrooms each day.

Legal it may be, but I believe injuring a child to “teach them a lesson” is wrong and breeds violent behavior.

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