Swedish Guy Scares The Sh*t Out Of A Bear Charging Toward Him (Video)

In Jamtland, Sweden, Ralph Persson undoubtedly saved his own life by intimidating a bear.

According to Daily Mail, Persson first noticed the bear after his hunting dog began to bark strangely.

The bear appeared to stare down Persson, who was being videotaped by his wife, before attacking.

But Persson stretched his arms and yelled at the top of his lungs, forcing the bear to run back to the woods.

Persson is a seasoned hunter and encountered bears many times before, reports the New York Daily News.

He suggested to Swedish media, however, his behavior in this instance may not have been entirely necessary.

Persson said,

You have to have respect for the animals.

Bear attacks in Sweden are incredibly rare. Only two casualties have been reported in the country over the last century.

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