Swedish Police On Vacation Show NYPD How To Break Up A Subway Fight (Video)

A fight on a subway train was broken up by four Swedish police officers who were visiting Manhattan on vacation.

The four young men were on the uptown 6 train around 5 pm on Wednesday, when a distressed operator came on the intercom asking if there were any police officers onboard the train, according to the New York Post.

When they heard the announcement, the Swedish policemen walked to the front of the train to find one homeless man brutally assaulting another, who was bleeding from the mouth.

One of the four men, Markus Asberg, 25, said,

One of the guys was on top of the other guy, so we separated them.

Frightened passengers ran out of the car onto the Bleecker Street platform, DNAinfo reports, where the conductor held the train.

The attacker was screaming wildly and trying to wrestle the officers, who grabbed his arms and legs before putting him in an arm lock.

One witness told the Post,

[The attacker] was making a lot of noise, yelling on the train at apparently no one. The other guy did nothing.

NYPD officers eventually arrived and took the attacker away, though it's not clear how long it took for them to arrive.

Asberg said,

We're just regular tourists. Is this a big deal?

He and Samuel Kvarzell, 25, are new to the force.

The other officers have been identified as Eric Jansberger and Erik Naslund.

They were on their way to see "Les Misérables" at the time.

Asberg said the incident left them in dire need of a beer before the show.

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