Supermarket Worker Walks 95-Year-Old Shopper Home And Carries His Bag (Photos)


One Brit teen just schooled the world on how to be a gentleman.

Christian Trouesdale, 18, from Greater Manchester, was working a shift at his local grocery store when he noticed an elderly man in the checkout line.

It was a windy day and 95-year-old Bob Molloy looked rather frail so Trouesdale offered to help him get home.

On the way, Samantha-Jayne Brady, who works at a nearby fish'n'chip shop, spotted the pair walking together.

Touched, she snapped a picture and posted the photo on Facebook with a message commending Trouesdale's kindness.

She included in her message,

If this gave you a little more faith in mankind, PLEASE share!

Since then, the photo has been shared over 75,000 times and has over 277,000 likes -- and that's just on Facebook alone.

Though Trouesdale thinks his newfound fame is "strange" because this is something he'd "normally do," Brady was truly inspired by the teen, and "hope[s] others follow his fine example."

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