Study: Women Now Own An Average Of Thirty Four Pair Of Panties


A new study revealed that women now own an average of thirty-four pairs of underwear. Perhaps the Fifty Shades of Grey craze explains why the number is three times what it was in 1999, when the average was just 12 pairs.

The figure has increased because of a large desire for "special occasion undies."

According to a poll of 2,00 women for Dr. Beckmann (Glo White), a woman's typical underwear drawer contains 20 everyday pairs and 14 for the "best."

56 percent of women said that they have separate underwear collections for special occasions and for everyday comfort.

61 percent of special occasion underwear retailers admitted that the Fifty Shades craze has made them more likely to purchase "special occasion underwear."

58 percent of women polled revealed that bright white underwear are their favorite color, for both everyday and special occasions.