Students Formed A Massive Line To Get Their Yearbooks Signed By Janitor

There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing someone have a great impact on a bunch of kids, especially in their school.

Janitor Steve Weidner Jr. provided just that for the students of Alan Shepard Elementary School in Bourbonnais, Illinois. In order to show their appreciation, second graders lined up to get his signature in their yearbooks.

The school district posted a photo on Facebook of the insanely long line of students waiting to get his signature, and it didn't even include the other 200 yearbooks he signed that week.

WGN-TV reports the principal of the school, Shirley Padera, said,

This photo was also shared on Reddit, where it rightfully received almost 3,000 comments.

Weidner even commented on the original post on the school's Facebook page.

The star janitor wrote,

I think we can all agree the students of Alan Shepard Elementary School are lucky to have such an inspiring figure in their lives.


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