Genius Students Invent A Device That Can Put Out Fires Using Sound (Video)

Every day, firefighters put their lives on the line in order to save others'.

Maybe they don't have to.

Two students from Virginia's George Mason University patented a revolutionary extinguisher that uses low-frequency bass sound waves instead of liquid to quell flames.

It's hypothesized that the sound waves increase the velocity of air particles in and around the fire, thus "suffocating" it almost immediately.

To work, the device needs to be held about a foot away from the flames -- a safer distance than is often possible with traditional firefighting.

Co-creator Viet Tran told the Independent,

I'd like to see this applied to swarm robots, where it would be attached to a drone and that would be applied to forest fires or even building fires where you wouldn't want to sacrifice human life.

Dropping the bass has never sounded so good.

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