Sussex Police

21-Year-Old Stabs Mom 11 Times And Cuts Off Penis While High On Party Drug


A British man unleashed a horrific stabbing attack on his mother and cut off his own penis while under the influence of a drug that's relatively unknown in the US.

According to Daily Mail, West Sussex's Charles Mann, 21, had been drinking and taking mephedrone, or "meow meow," on Dec. 29, 2013.

He woke up his mother at their home and stabbed her 11 times before taking a pair of scissors to his penis.

Mann said during the attack,

Emma Mann suffered a punctured lung as well as injuries to her head, neck and arms but was able to lock herself in the bathroom and call police.

Officers would go on to find her son naked, covered in blood and climbing out of a window.

Prosecutors described him as "manic," "deranged" and entirely unaware of his own pain at the time, the Mirror reports.

He allegedly told police,

He also said that he was a pedophile who could see vampires and wanted to die.

After his arrest, Mann had his penis sewn back on and underwent psychiatric treatment for eight months.

He was then transferred to a prison, where he remained until Tuesday's court appearance.

Judge David Rennie's 16-month sentence was reduced to eight months, but Mann will only be imprisoned for another four weeks because he was already in custody for so long.

The judge said,

Mann's defense team said he started taking mephedrone after completing his GCSEs, which are tests that play a huge role in college placement in Britain.

The student had no memory of the attack and believes he may have been trying to commit suicide that night.

Mann will be given further psychiatric help upon his release.

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