The Way Your Steak Is Prepared Could Affect Your Risk Of Alzheimer's

by Chris Riotta

My father has always said there are two types of people in this world: those who order their steak juicy and those who like it burned to a crisp.

And, as good ole' pops knows, a person's preference in steak sure says a lot about his or her character in general.

However, according to a growing pool of research, the way we order our steak may be a lot more telling than we once thought.

In fact, researchers say ordering steak that has been burned or darkened could actually cause long-term mental ailments including Alzheimer's.

Metro reports that burned, darkened or blackened foods contain a high level of glycotoxins, compounds that caused mice in lab experiments to develop dementia and problems with coordination.

In a nine-month study, researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine gathered data on the level of glycotoxins in 93 New Yorkers aged 60 and older.

Participants with higher levels of these glycotoxins were found to have experienced a worse decline in their health than those with a low level in their blood.

So does this mean I need to make the switch from well done to medium rare? Fine, just let me have one more bite of this crunchy goodness.

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