You Could Live In A 'Startup Castle' If You Meet These Insane Demands


A 17,000-square-foot estate known as Startup Castle lies in a quiet area of Silicon Valley near Stanford University.

Equipped with a full gym, ballroom, 100-seat theater and several conference rooms, the house is billed on its official website as "everything you need to live and launch your greatest ambitions."

Other perks include a refrigerator consistently stocked with healthy food in addition to private bathrooms, a library and lots of space for parties.

According to an ad on SUpost, it costs $1,750 a month for a private room and $1,000 a month for a shared room.

The requirements for living in what the roommates refer to as a "community of excellence" are being exceptionally smart, fit and practical.

It says one must,

So, they despise pollution and body fat. No problem.

In the form of a massive, absolutely ridiculous list of turn-offs, the ad explains what kind of person would not enjoy living in Startup Castle.

It says,

Do you fit the bill?

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