Woman Is Being Sued By Her Sorority For Revealing The Secret Handshake


Can you sue someone for leaking a sworn secret?

One sorority certainly thinks you can.

According to reports, Phi Sigma Sigma is trying to sue a former sister for publicly revealing the chapter's secret handshake, among other information.

The sorority alleges the defendant, identified as “Jane Doe” in the lawsuit, posted “private” information about the sorority (including its handshake, secret knock and initiation rituals) to a message board on the website Penny Arcade.

In the post, the former sister noted what she shared was so confidential, many of the details were never put into writing.

Official lawyers for the sorority filed a civil suit against the alleged secret-spiller, insisting leaking the sorority's confidential information is in direct breach of her contract with Phi Sigma Sigma. However, they reportedly have yet to serve her the lawsuit or agree upon a financial settlement.

The lawyers also contacted Penny Arcade and the dozens of other websites that reposted the leak and demanded they take it down. All but Penny Arcade obliged.

If approved, the lawsuit will go to trial in about a year.

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