Somebody Finally Decided To Punch Instagram Tool 'Lavish' In The Face (Video)

For those of you who have spent any amount of time on Instagram, you've probably come across an obnoxious teenager who goes by the name Lavish.

On his page, "ItsLavishBitch," the teen regularly flaunts his supposed riches, from large sums of cash to multiple pairs of Yeezy sneakers to even a fleet of supercars.

From Rolexes to Rolls Royces, Lavish isn't shy about straight flexin' on Instagram.

Hell, he even recorded a godawful song and released it on iTunes.

Everything, it seems, came to a crashing halt last week when a WorldStar video showed Lavish promptly getting two-pieced and slammed to the ground.

Not only did Lavish get knocked out, but the reason he did is that he allegedly owed someone money. We're not trying to laugh at anyone's misfortune, but the so-called "peasants" he referred to are probably somewhere rejoicing.

Since getting knocked out, Lavish hasn't posted anything on Instagram. Will he ever return? More at 11...