People Are Snatching Confederate Flags In The 'No Flaggin Challenge'

by Sean Levinson

People are stealing Confederate flags from the cars, homes and hands of strangers in a new social media craze known as the #NoFlagginChallenge or #DestroyConfederateFlag.

The trend allegedly began with the following video, which was originally posted to Facebook on July 11.

According to Daily Mail, it features Sarasota, Florida's Jamari Williams pulling a flag off someone's house.

Here's a shirtless man ripping two flags off a pickup truck stopped at a traffic light.

At least one male covers this flag in what appears to be animal feces.

The context of this next video is unclear, but it appears to show a man holding a flag while getting viciously assaulted by a crowd of people.

One man even got out of a car in slow-moving traffic to remove a flag from the rear of a semi-truck.

Some see the campaign as a fitting response to an outward display of racism.

#noflagginchallenge/#DestroyConfederateFlag the easiest way to do it is do it at night how yall think the KKK get away w/posting flyers — Whyt (@sheDNTtrusthoes) July 12, 2015
The #noflagginchallenge does 2 things: 1. Challenges the relations of property (which is theft) & 2. Is a slap in the face to racist whites. — Bro Chi Minh (@BlackAutonomist) July 12, 2015

Many others, however, condemned the crimes involved and are certain trespassers will be met with violence.

Those participating in violating the law, trespassing on and damaging private property for #NoFlagginChallenge, deserves what they get. SMDH — Attorneymom (@PinkCottonMom) July 14, 2015
I can't wait for the public outcry when someone gets shot and killed on personal property for doing the #NoFlagginChallenge — Founding Fratter (@FoundingFratter) July 13, 2015
I wonder how black folks would feel about whites running in their yard, trespassing and stealing? #noflagginchallenge — Andrea (@Blondetigressnc) July 13, 2015
Those people that are doing that #noflagginchallenge are idiots and are going to end up getting themselves shot — Brown Suga (@sappers6) July 13, 2015
This whole #NoFlagginChallenge is just not cool .somebody gonna get hurt or killed ... i am sure there must be a better way to make a point — Tears carpenter (@Tearscarpenter) July 12, 2015

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