People Are Snatching Confederate Flags In The 'No Flaggin Challenge'


People are stealing Confederate flags from the cars, homes and hands of strangers in a new social media craze known as the #NoFlagginChallenge or #DestroyConfederateFlag.

The trend allegedly began with the following video, which was originally posted to Facebook on July 11.

According to Daily Mail, it features Sarasota, Florida's Jamari Williams pulling a flag off someone's house.

Here's a shirtless man ripping two flags off a pickup truck stopped at a traffic light.

At least one male covers this flag in what appears to be animal feces.

The context of this next video is unclear, but it appears to show a man holding a flag while getting viciously assaulted by a crowd of people.

One man even got out of a car in slow-moving traffic to remove a flag from the rear of a semi-truck.

Some see the campaign as a fitting response to an outward display of racism.

Many others, however, condemned the crimes involved and are certain trespassers will be met with violence.

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