#TheSnappening: If You Uploaded A Nudie To Snapchat You Are F*cked


Snapchat has come a long way since it was first released, but its major selling point has always been the ability to send pictures that self-destructed after a certain amount of time, never to be seen again.

In theory, Snapchat still functions the same as it always has, but there are a number of apps out there you can use to get around the features that made the platform so popular in the first place.

One of those programs is Snapsave, which allows users to download Snapchats without setting off the usual alarms.

Unfortunately Snapsave also has some less-than-desirable features -- namely unsecured servers that may lead to the release of 200,000 photos this Sunday.

Rumors of the leak began to swirl earlier this week on 4Chan, which was also ground zero for the celebrity nude scandal that occurred in September. The person threatening to leak the photos hinted at what they might contain.

They also posted a blurred photo of a folder allegedly containing the photos, but any actual Snapchats won't be released until Sunday.

Snapchat released a statement distancing itself from the alleged leak, saying,

Snapsave is no longer available for download, and no one associated with the app has commented as of this writing.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr