Smarter People Have More Sex, Do More Drugs And Stay Up Later Because It's The Smarter Thing To Do


A new study has found that smarter people not only tend to stay up later, but also regularly engage in recreational sex and drug use.

According to Esquire magazine, English researchers recently discovered that students at prestigious schools like Oxford and Cambridge spend much more time having sex, smoking weed and staying up later than their peers at less reputable institutions.

The research was funded by sex toy retailer, where Oxford and Cambridge students have spent a combined $31,461.

Many previous studies have found that people with higher IQs, better jobs, or degrees from top-notch universities are more likely to smoke weed or even snort a few lines here and there.

Esquire reports that this is because these people tend to pursue insightful experiences involving adventure and mental expansion.

Smart people will indulge in most opportunities that could potentially broaden their minds.

They also more closely understand addiction and moderation and are therefore less fearful of engaging in drug use.

A 2010 study seen in Psychology Today showed that those with an IQ of 125 or higher are exponentially more likely to use drugs.

From the study:

The final element of our genius-trifecta is proven valid in an academic paper entitled "Why the Night Owl is More Intelligent," published in the journal Psychology and Individual Differences.

The paper, Esquire reports, highlights that for several millennia, humans have been conditioned to work during the day and sleep at night.

The paper goes on to say that liberals who don't believe in God are more likely to be intelligent as well.

It seems that the gist here is that progressive thinkers who uphold adventure and experimentation over safety and tradition are the more intelligent beings.

There you have it. Not only are those who rebel against conservatism sexier and much more fun to hang out with, but contrary to popular belief, they're also smarter and more groomed for success.

Oh, and we work our assess off too, so don't even think you've got that one on us.

Via: Esquire, Top Photo Courtesy: Wolf Of Wall St