This Woman's Skinny Jeans Actually Gave Her A UTI That Lasted 5 Weeks

A British woman's favorite pair of skinny jeans was determined to be the cause for an excruciating urinary tract infection (UTI).

According to Daily Mail, mother-of-three Lesley Kime began experiencing painful urination in March.

The University of Sunderland student suffered from UTIs during her pregnancies, so she thought maybe she was expecting again.

After visiting the doctor, she received antibiotics, but the pain soon grew so intense she could not sleep.

Kime said,

It burnt every time I went to the loo and I felt like I needed to go constantly. I couldn't make it to university or go to my job at a local takeaway. I drank pints of water and cranberry juice, but nothing helped.

Three days after her appointment, Kime's doctor called to tell her there was blood in her urine sample, and she needed to have surgery for severe inflammation of the bladder.

When she arrived for the procedure, a nurse posed an unexpected question.

Kime said,

She asked me what I usually wore, and I told her that I'd recently been wearing skinny jeans as they looked great with some new boots I'd bought.

Kime was stunned to hear the pants probably caused her condition.

The nurse explained the extraordinary pressure from the jeans produced a heated area where bacteria can flourish.

The 31-year-old immediately threw away her six pairs of skinny jeans and swore to never wear them again.

However, her UTI persisted, plaguing her for a total of five weeks.

Now, Kime prefers loose pants and rarely allows her children to wear skinny jeans.

She said,

I'd been in hell, curled up in bed crying. I can't describe the pain... Those jeans ruined my life for over a month, and I am on a mission to warn other women about the dangers of reaching for their favorite pair.

Earlier this month, an Australian woman learned a similar lesson to Kime when she was hospitalized for several days due to the same fashion trend.

The Aussie woman's skinny jeans cut off the blood supply to her legs and rendered her unable to walk.

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