This Revolutionary Sex Toy Is Designed To Help Women Get Pregnant

No one has ever been seduced by the use of a turkey baster in the bedroom.

When Stephanie Berman and her wife, Kiersten Marie, began attempting to conceive a child, they were dismayed by the unsexy and impractical options available.

That led Berman to develop the Semenette, an ejaculating dildo designed to help lesbians make creating a child a little more romantic.

Soon, however, the Boston woman found interest beyond the lesbian community.

Men with erectile dysfunction or disabilities and transgender people sought out the toy, hoping to recreate the experience they were missing.

Unwittingly, Berman stumbled into a mass gap in the sex toy market.

To date, Berman produced 500 of the $139.95 Semenettes in three different colors. Each Semenette relies on a single-use custom piping to ejaculate.

She's working on the second generation Semenette, which will reportedly come in more fanciful colors. It will be softer than the original, with a variety of shapes and widths to suit every couple.

Berman told Refinery29 she hopes to put a little fun back into reproduction, saying,

I'm certainly not a doctor by any means, but I have a [background] in women's reproductive health and have a lot of experience in helping couples go through trials and tribulations of trying to get pregnant... [I've seen] the emotional toll it can take on people, not to mention the financial burden.

The dildo designer is currently crowdfunding her newly-updated Semenette through Indiegogo, where she's raised just over $1,300 of her $50,000 goal with 25 days left to go.

The Semenette is unlike any other sex toy on the market.

It brings intimacy and efficacy together.

@chelseahandler must check out @thesemenette. what better sex toy could there possibly be? — TheSemenette (@TheSemenette) March 4, 2015

Judging by Berman and her wife's 1-year-old daughter, Isabella, it's also effective.

Berman explains the Semenette at length in her quippy campaign video.

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