This Woman Got Married 10 Different Times Without Getting Divorced


New Yorker Liana Barrientos has some explaining to do, seeing as she's allegedly gotten hitched 10 times since 1999.

Half of those marriages never legally ended, either.

The Bronx District Attorney's office claims Barrientos willingly wed Salle Keita in 2010 after stating on a legal marriage license the ceremony was “her first and only marriage."

As it turns out, that was far from the truth.

According to official records labeled with her signature and social security number, however, the 39-year-old married once in 1999, twice in 2001 and an unbelievable six times during 2002.

She divorced at least four of her husbands only after marrying their replacements, reports The New York Times.

A case filed against the Dominican Republic-born woman in November of this past year accuses her of felony fraud.

Barrientos will appear before the Bronx Supreme Court today, and it's far from her first tangle with the law.

Reports from the New York Daily News allege she's been charged with drug possession, trespassing and loitering in the past.

Although multiple media outlets attempted to contact Barrientos, her last building manager in the Bronx was only able to tell The Times she'd left while still owing "a lot of money."

The Daily News obtained a report Barrientos currently resides at a local homeless shelter.

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