Selfie Stick Helps Save Father And Daughter Caught In Strong Riptide (Video)

This video is incredibly hard to watch.

Erynn Johns and her father, Derrick, were enjoying a day at a Nantucket beach when a sudden riptide pulled them under water and farther from the shore.

Luckily for Erynn, she had been taping her swim on a selfie stick, and her rescuer was able to grab the stick to pull her toward the shore.

The ordeal was all caught on the GoPro attached to her selfie stick, and at times, you can even hear Erynn yelling, "I can't," when she is repeatedly told to swim back to shore.

Derrick, an ex-Marine, was pulled out shortly after Erynn. He told WHDH,

I was overseas in the Marine Corps and I had never been that scared or felt that helpless in that current.

You can watch the recorded rescue in the video below.

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