Scientists Say 'Squirters' Are Actually Just Peeing Everywhere

Ever since society agreed that female sexuality exists back in 1957, scientists have been working to catch up on lost time by doing what they can to confirm (and subsequently deny) the existence of mythical creatures like "the G-spot" and "the female orgasm."

While most experts are fairly sure that the aforementioned phenomena do indeed exist, there's one specific area of interest -- squirting -- that's been the subject of fierce debate among people on the Internet who have plenty of time to argue without any real evidence to back their opinions up.

While reports of this sudden outpouring of passion have been around for thousands of years, there haven't been many studies investigating the actual science behind the act.

Some believe the fluid comes from a "female prostate," while others maintain it's simply the result of an uncontrollable bladder.

I doubt this recent study from a team of French scientists is going to end the debate, but if their research is to be believed, people with a squirting fetish might be into something else entirely.

After studying and analyzing the excretions of seven self-proclaimed squirters, the team found discovered:

[S]quirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.

In more straightforward terms: The fluid expelled might contain a little bit of love juice, but the vast majority is something a lot less sexy (unless you're into that -- then it just got a whole lot hotter).

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