Nice Guys Finally Finish First: Girls Are More Committed To Modest Men

If you've ever been in love with someone, you know what I mean when I say respect goes quite a long way. Things like caring for someone's emotions, remaining calm in explosive situations and being modest rather than overpowering are all crucial building blocks for a healthy union.

Not only are we more naturally attracted to guys who aren't headstrong, but we tend to forgive the modest men in complex situations that are inevitable in relationships, like those tough fights, financial struggles or even cheating.

Daily Mail reports on a study that involved 459 college students at the University of North Texas. Researchers investigated links between when partners forgave their lovers and the level of modesty they perceived their significant other to have.

They found people were quicker to forgive a partner's wrongdoing and pick up the pieces when they perceived their other half had humility, modesty and respect.

Perhaps it's because modest men can admit their mistakes are bumps in the road toward a beautiful relationship rather than use each in a battle to maintain power or manhood.

What's more, guys showing a little modesty doesn't just help in the darker moments; it also benefits relationships in the happiest of times as well.

Participants surveyed largely agreed they felt more satisfied with their relationships when their lover was respectful and modest.

Researchers are hopeful this study can help us begin to understand modesty and respect in relation to human evolution and natural selection.

However, I think guys all around the world can learn a little something from this piece. Show some respect to the most important people in your life, especially the one you choose to spend most of your time with.

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