Science Says Running Drunk Is Just As Good For You As Running Sober

If you need to go for a run, don't let happy hour stop you.

Of course, the idea of exercise doesn't usually occur to most of us after a few drinks. We'd rather lie on our floors and talk about our problems than go hard on the elliptical.

But just in case you've ever thought of drunk exercising, know that you'll probably perform just as well.

A study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine reveals that exercising drunk doesn't inhibit your progress in any way.

Ten healthy white men were asked to run on a treadmill as fast as they could. The catch: They'd just done three shots of whiskey. A few days later, the men did the same test while sober.

Researchers noted only an insignificant reduction in the efficacy of workouts while drunk.

However, the study doesn't delve into the caloric content of alcohol or its diuretic properties, both of which can be harmful to athletes.

Evelyn Parr, a professor at Australian Catholic University’s School of Exercise Science, is less than impressed by the study's findings.

According to Parr,

Athletes, if they are actually athletes would have no reason to consume alcohol, and especially in volumes that were used by that study, prior to any sort of event.

Parr may be right. But regardless, I can only imagine the drunk treadmill-themed YouTube videos this will create.

H/T: Bustle, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It