Ouch! Rugby Player Breaks Arm On Live TV During Arm Wrestling Match (Video)

An arm wrestling match between two Australian rugby players left one with a hideously broken arm.

According to Daily Mail, former National Rugby League stars Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor squared off June 11 during "The NRL Footy Show" on Australia's Channel 9.

The match appeared to be relatively even until Sailor suddenly slammed Ross' arm down, triggering a loud snap.

Ross screamed in pain in front of a silent audience while one of the hosts quickly signaled for a commercial break.

Not long after the injury, "The NRL Footy Show" posted on its Facebook page that Ross had broken his humerus, a bone that runs from the shoulder to the elbow.

The post said,

[Ross] has been in remarkably good spirits all night and is already asking for a left handed rematch!

The exact cause of the injury is yet to be disclosed.

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