Revolutionary Instrument Combines Guitar, Keyboard And Drums In One (Video)

The capabilities of aspiring and experienced musicians will skyrocket thanks to the Instrument 1, which can sound like any number of musical instruments, including the guitar, bass, piano, violin and drums.

It may not look like more than just a fretboard with a few buttons and a speaker, but users can maneuver it to play like a ton of different instruments, yielding an authentic sound for each.

The digital strings can even be tuned down or up with a capo-like effect.

Made by Artiphon, the Instrument I not only makes it easier for beginners to produce great music but also allows recording artists to become one-person bands.

The device can plug into a smartphone, tablet or computer, and an accompanying app provides lessons for generating a vast range of musical genres.

Artiphon was originally seeking $75,000 for production on Kickstarter, but according to the Verge, it took less than six hours to reach that goal.

Once it becomes available, the Instrument 1 will be offered for $349 in white and black or $899 with a hardwood back.

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