Researcher Claims Shrooms And LSD Are Just As Safe As Playing Soccer


Growing up, all of us were given the same anti-drug lectures: Drugs are bad, drugs kill, drugs will ruin your life, etc.

I'm not going to argue: Most drugs are harmful and best avoided at all costs.

One neuropsychiatrist, however, begs to differ.

Teri Krebs, a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, insists that psychedelics -- a class of hallucinogenic drugs including LSD and mushrooms -- are actually minimally harmful.

In a letter to medical journal Lancet Psychiatry, Krebs writes,

Because of this, Krebs insists, drug laws banning the use of psychedelic drugs are “not based on science.”

Bad trips, she concludes, are really the only negative side effect of hallucinogenic drugs.

Krebs even believes this class of drugs could be the key to treating long-term addiction to alcohol and hard drugs, such as heroin.

It's a compelling argument but not a popular one (though ibogaine, another hallucinogenic, is an alternative treatment used for heroin detox).

Though her evidence is compelling and does support her claim of psychedelics' low harm factor, it's hard to fathom the drugs are as dangerous as -- or safer than -- playing soccer.

As far as I'm concerned, they're best avoided -- if only because there's nothing worse than a bad trip.

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