Rescued Bird Lives With Family And Actually Acts Like A Human (Photos)

by Emily Arata

Most children run home after school to play with their pet dog, but the Bloom family is a little different.

The family's pet magpie, Penguin, gets all the attention.

ABC reports the Newport, Australia family accidentally adopted the magpie in 2013 after they discovered the injured bird on nearby Bilgola Beach.

They nursed the bird back to health and inadvertently trained a new companion.

Now, the family's beloved bird is becoming quite the social media star.

She even has her own Instagram page with more 7,300 followers.

It's probably because her antics are nearly unbelievable.

She cuddles with the Bloom boys – Rueben, Oli and Noah – on a daily basis.

According to the Bloom parents, Penguin has the children's schedule memorized.

She waits for them to come off the school bus every day.

The Blooms can tell their sons are home because Penguin will begin to sing.

And although Penguin stays outside during the night, she does avoid fellow magpies.

The Blooms say wild birds sometimes prey on Penguin if they see she's outside, pecking and flapping.

They're probably jealous of Penguin's cushy living situation.

The Blooms taught Penguin nearly everything she knows about being a bird.

The family says she's trained to flap her wings on cue, copying the arm-flapping motions of the humans around her.

Recently, Penguin became friendly with a local baby magpie.

After seeing and hearing her interact with a fellow bird, the Blooms began to realize Penguin may leave to have chicks of her own one day.

But, they'll always have these beautiful images of their time together.

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