Adorable Rescue Dog Moves Her Bowl Next To Her Friend At Every Meal (Video)

Nobody likes to be alone.

But this adorable pup, Bonnie, really hates it.

Every time her owner, Jeannine, feeds Bonnie and her other dog, Clyde (Bonnie and Clyde!), she’ll put their bowls a few feet apart.

And every time, without fail, Bonnie -- who is a rescue -- will pick up her bowl with her mouth, waddle over to Clyde (backwards) and plop it down next to him, just so she can eat alongside her best pal.

According to Jeannine, lil’ Bonnie does this at every meal.

While she could easily solve the pup’s woes by, you know, putting the dog bowls next to one another, Bonnie’s backward wiggle is way too cute to miss.

Check it out, and be reminded why animals are the best.