A Redhead Girl Was Actually Banned From School For Being Too Ginger

A red-headed girl has been told not to return to school until she changes the color of her hair.

According to Daily Mail, 17-year-old Emily Reay of Cumbria, England, has been coloring her naturally auburn hair to make it brighter for the past three years.

The teen is an aspiring musician and believes the style distinguishes her amongst other artists.

She told Daily Mail,

Everybody knows me as that 'young ginger singer.' For me it is a confidence thing. If I had to dye my hair brown, I would lose this.

Teachers at Trinity School, however, have deemed the hair a violation of the school's policy against unnatural hair colors.

Emily was told on her first day back from Easter vacation that beginning next Monday, she would not be allowed to attend classes with her trademark hair color.

After hearing the news Emily said,

I was very angry at first, and then burst into tears. I've had the same color for the past three years, and nobody at school has commented on it.

Emily proposed pinning her hair up or covering it with a hat, but staff members refused.

She claims she was given an ultimatum,

I had to dye my hair to a more natural color, or tone it down considerably.

Her infuriated parents were offered no compromises when they spoke to an administrator.

Mrs. Reay added,

The irony is she is playing Scaramouche in the school's adaptation of "We Will Rock You," which is about society suppressing people's creativity and self-expression.

Her mother noted that many people are born with the bright red hair her daughter prefers, therefore it cannot be called "unnatural."

School staff told the young singer that they've been debating whether action needed to be taken against her hair since the start of the school year and only now determined it could no longer be tolerated.

Administrator Andrew Winter released a statement saying seniors at Trinity must set an example for younger students by obeying school rules.

The school is also widely regarded for its strict policies, he added.

Emily's parents support her decision to not change her hair, so she will be pinning it up for classes on Monday.

She concluded,

I have to hope nothing is said. It is too damaging a stage for my education.

It isn't clear if the style will be accepted after being shot down beforehand.

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