Women Are Convinced This Seattle Man Is The Real Christian Grey

Seattle playboy Brayden Olson, 27, would like you to know he's a real-life Christian Grey.

In a series of media appearances that arrived just after the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film's release, Olson openly shared his similarities to the series' dominant young antihero.

Although he doesn't own a helicopter quite yet, Olson did receive a "best man" award for his contributions to the Seattle community.

While he's not open to discussing what goes on in his bedroom, Olson said an ex-girlfriend compared him to Grey.

And for what it's worth, Olson's using his newfound media attention to promote #VOWtoEndit, Miss America Kira Kazantsev's effort to end domestic violence.

Although author E.L. James has denied claims that Grey's relationship with Anastasia Steele is abusive, the new movie makes the debate a hot topic once again.

Olson told Seattle Refined,

There can be some non-traditional ways for people to show their affection, but a real man would never hurt a woman. Domestic violence is a real problem that goes on in every community. So, I hope anyone who uses #RealChristianGrey will also #VOWtoEndIt.

Both Grey and Olson reside in Seattle, run flourishing businesses and donate to philanthropic causes while leading luxe lifestyles.

As high-rolling bachelors, both the novel character and the man are, reportedly, highly sought after.

In an interview with Business Insider, Olson told the website an estimated 1,000 women contacted him regarding his similarities to Grey.

He's reportedly even taken a few on dates, adding, "I knew the movie would bring more attention, but I continue to be really surprised by the whole matter."

It doesn't seem like he's too miffed by the comparisons.

Olson used his interview to boast about the luxury lifestyle he shares with Grey.

When speaking of his BMW i8, he said, "The guy who owns one of the dealerships in Washington essentially gave up his car so that I could have it because he saw it as an opportunity to associate it with the real Christian Grey."

Olson seems like the type of guy to print business cards reading, "Real Life Christian Grey."