Rafting Guide Was Able To Rescue This Stranded 5-Month-Old Bear Cub

The cutest rescue of all time occurred when a group of rafting guides in Tennessee found a baby black bear abandoned on the side of a river.

According to BuzzFeed, for several days in a row, the USA Raft Company saw the bear on the banks of Nolichucky River in the Appalachian Mountains.

Matt Moses, the owner of the USA Raft Company, told the Knoxville News Sentinel,

In an attempt to save the animal, guide Danny Allen approached the bear and was able to get her in the raft.

Later, the female bear was taken to the Appalachian Bear Rescue group, where she was named Noli Bear and treated for severe dehydration and malnourishment.

At 5 months old, she weighed around 14 pounds.

After receiving treatment, Noli Bear was fed grapes, yogurt and puppy chow, and she's currently recuperating in The Cub House until she weighs enough to be returned to the wild.

The rescue group hopes her story will bring awareness to its conservation efforts and fight misconceptions about “these wonderful animals.”

Who knew a bear cub in a raft would be this cute?

Look how snuggly she is!

Here's Noli Bear right before she was examined by professionals.

As you'd expect, being rescued is very tiring.

Luckily, she's developed a very healthy appetite!

And she's loving her enclosure.

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