Racist Vandals Prove How Stupid They Are With Amazing Graffiti Fail

by Gillian Fuller
Komo News

I firmly believe racism and sexism -- any sort of unfounded hatred, really -- is the product of closed-mindedness and stupidity.

This theory was proven over the weekend, thanks to a couple of uneducated racists who vandalized several buildings in Bothell, WA.

In a (not well-thought-out) stunt, the vandals spray-painted swastikas on a school and on a Hindu temple.

Hilariously, the vandals failed to realize that the swastika symbol in Hindu culture signifies peace, luck, life and good fortune -- so instead of communicating their intended hateful message, the ignorant vandals basically blessed the objects of their misguided hatred.

Twitter user Sanchit Gupta points out “that's like painting a cross on a church.”

While their mistake is mildly amusing, the message behind it is not: We're evolved enough as a society that this sort of hatred should not exist.

The fact that some still cling to fundamentally flawed and ignorant belief systems is, frankly, horrifying.

Police are investigating the incident but, as of yet, have not identified any suspects.

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