There's Now Proof Getting Room High From Hotboxing Is A Real Thing

by Sean Levinson

Sitting in an unventilated room filled with marijuana smoke could potentially cost you your job.

According to Daily Mail, researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine enlisted seven people who smoked marijuana at least twice a week in addition to 12 people who claimed to not have smoked marijuana in the past six months.

All participants were between the ages of 18 to 45.

For the experiment, six smokers and six non-smokers sat side-by-side in a 10-foot-by-13-foot room for two hour-long sessions.

During both sessions, each smoker blazed through 10 joints filled with high-potency bud.

The first session was conducted while the room's ventilation fans were turned on. For the second, the room had no ventilation and became engulfed in smoke.

The non-smokers from the first session claimed to not feel high but did express feelings of hunger.

Those from the second session, however, reported feelings described as "pleasant."

Senior study author Dr. Ryan Vandrey said,

We found positive drug effects in the first few hours, a mild sense of intoxication and mild impairment on measures of cognitive performance.

Researchers tested each participant's urine, blood, saliva and hair for THC, the main chemical component of marijuana that gets you high, after both sessions concluded.

All of the non-smokers who were in the unventilated room tested positive for THC levels in urine and blood tests.

One non-smoker still had THC in his urine four hours after the session.

Dr. Vandrey added,

These were relatively slight effects, but even so, some participants did not pass the equivalent of a workplace drug test.

None of the non-smokers who were in the ventilated room tested positive for THC.

So if you've got a drug test coming up in a few hours, it's probably best not to bum a ride with those dudes from SUNY New Paltz.

But if you do, you should be fine as long as you open the window.

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