There's A Preschool For Adults To Unwind And Relive Their Childhoods (Photos)

If the adult world has you down, head back to preschool.

New Yorkers Michelle Joni and Candice Kilpatrick ("Miss CanCan") invite New York's most imaginative to experience an unusual extracurricular course: Preschool Mastermind, reportedly located in Joni's Brooklyn home office.

Fresh from her experience running an adult skipping club, Joni is ready to teach a different kind of preschooler.

Joni, pictured below, describes the monthlong, once-a-week class as a time to “apply and inject play, wonder, self-belief and community” into adulthood.

Joni told The Village Voice the class is about helping adults understand they don't have to feel pinned between career and family.

She said, "By tapping into the 'play' part of our brains by skipping or doing the things that we did in preschool, we're bringing ourselves back to another place, another time with ourselves."

"...maybe when we were more believing of ourselves, when we were more confident and ready to take on the world."

Joni firmly believes her students need a refresher course on creativity and joy.

Activities include a buddy system, time spent molding Play-Doh, show and tell and even a field trip.

And let's not forget naptime, which is all most of us really remember from our time in nursery school.

There's even picture day and students dress as their best childlike selves.

The more colorfully, the better.

So, how much does it cost to journey back into childhood?

According to the Preschool Mastermind application, there's a sliding scale of fees that ranges from $333, $444 and $555, all the way up to $999.

There are only 10 spots in the class, however, so be prepared to battle for a spot next session.

Although Joni only has “nearly half a degree in Early Childhood Education,” she's willing to make up the rest in enthusiasm.

The best therapy might just be a visit to childhood.

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