Couples Get Covered In Colored Powder To Show Love Is Universal (Photos)

A Brazilian advertisement for colored powder is proving love comes in all shades.

In a campaign posted one week ago, pigment-making brand Zim wondered,

We believe that love has all the colors. What is yours?

The short series of images, created in collaboration with ad agency Tuppi, show gay, lesbian and heterosexual couples locked in tender embraces.

The images show the participants as unique people. They aren't exclusively defined by their sexual orientations.

Although we're often consumed by labels, Zim reminds us each person is brilliant in his or her own way.

It's fitting, especially because the pigmented powder is used in the Indian Holi festival – a day designed to celebrate the triumph of good qualities over bad.

On its website, Zim describes the company mission as "[creating] new ways of living happiness." Certainly, celebrating love reinforces that positivity.

Once covered in powder, each couple makes a distinctive blend of colors.

The bright powder provides a luminous coat to the participants, whether they're straight or gay.

Love is colorful, thanks to Zim.

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