Someone Turned Poop Water Into Beer, And It's Supposedly Delicious

Remember when, earlier this year, Bill Gates famously promoted Janicki Bioenergy's poop water and then made Jimmy Fallon drink it?

Theera Ratarasarn, a wastewater engineer in Milwaukee, WI, realized the likelihood of anyone willingly drinking poop water is pretty low.

So in an effort to make it more palatable, he brewed the water -- sourced from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District -- into something slightly more appealing: beer.

He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

I wanted to get people talking. There's a potential use for what we discharge into lakes and streams.

Though the brew's name (Activated Sludge Wheat Ale) sounds revolting, the beer is supposedly delicious thanks, in part, to Ratarasarn's diligent process.

He went through multiple chlorinating, filtering and distilling steps before even beginning the brewing process.

A professional taster from craft-beer haven Lakefront Brewery gave the unique ale a solid seven out of 10 rating for flavor.

Tester Mitchel De Santis insisted,

It's one of the better home brews I've ever had.

Currently, Ratarasarn only brews in small batches for his own consumption, but interest in the ale means he'll probably increase production in the future.

He says,

Everybody I talk to wants one.

So if you're daring enough to try beer crafted from raw sewage, keep your eyes peeled -- you might just spot Ratarasarn's radiation symbol-stamped label in your local craft beer shop soon.

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