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Police Officers And Dogs Line Up To Honor Retired K9 Being Put Down (Photos)

Judge was an incredible dog.

In 2007, the West Deptford Police Department in New Jersey recruited the then 1-year-old pup as a member of their K-9 unit. Over the next six years, he became an indispensable (and loved) member of the department.

Judge was deployed 208 times during his six-year tenure and aided officers in making an incredible 152 arrests.

In addition, his work led to multiple drug, vehicle and firearm seizures and the confiscation of over $47,000 in cash.

In 2013, Judge was forced to resign after suffering problems with his teeth, and his health only worsened.

In June 2014, a veterinarian found several large masses throughout Judge's body, and he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Though the department raised $13,000 to pay for the pup's medical expenses, he was too far gone to recover.

Officers had to make the devastating decision to put Judge to sleep.

On Judge's final day, officers greeted the hero at the Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey, to pay tribute to the incredible canine. They lined up in front of the animal hospital's entrance and saluted Judge as he hobbled in with his favorite chew toy in his mouth.

Some of the officers were visibly upset, and one veterinarian was even sobbing.

But their touching final tribute to the wonderful dog was beautiful and the perfect way to show their gratitude and love for him.

Judge was put down that day, but the amazing dog lived an incredible, full life surrounded by people who loved him.

Rest in peace, Judge. We hope it's nice up there in Doggy Heaven.

Officers salute Judge as he enters the animal hospital.

Judge, on the job.

Veterinarians joined the officers' tribute.

Some officers brought their K-9 partners along.

Judge comforted himself with his favorite chew toy.

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