Policemen Use Strength To Lift Car Blocking Heroic Cop's Funeral Procession

Not even a parked car could stop Philadelphia police from paying a final tribute to a heroic officer they lost.

As the funeral procession of Officer Robert Wilson III left Philadelphia's Palestra arena on Sunday, the Daily Mail reports gathered police noticed an illegally parked vehicle blocking the funeral cortège's route.

Instead of pausing Wilson's procession while waiting for a tow truck, the police took matters into their own strong hands.

According to NBC Philadelphia, more than 10 officers made the decision to work together and move the car themselves. Seeing what was taking place, more officers jumped in to help.

Together, they shifted the car to the side of the road minutes before Wilson's procession marched by, delivering the slain officer to his final resting place.

The Philadelphia police department plans to rename its medal of valor for 30-year-old Wilson, who was shot to death March 5 while defending bystanders from a pair of armed robbers at a GameStop store.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's David Swanson snapped the touching moment, captioning it, "Not rolling, but lifting a family car so the funeral procession can get by."

Wilson was reportedly buried in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania's Fernwood Cemetery.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey told press, "Robert redefined what valor means, in my mind."

Philadelphia Police Department

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