Police Accidentally Get Entire Town High By Burning 1,100 Lbs Of Weed

How many pounds of marijuana does it take to get an entire city high?

It may sound like the oddball setup for a joke, but the real-life answer is just over 1,100 pounds.

Although some sources say the weed amounted to more than 3 tons, local sources like the Jakarta Post offer a more realistic measurement of just over 1,000 pounds.

The Daily Mail reports the city of Tangerang, Indonesia, suffered the consequences when local police lit their drug confiscation haul on fire early in February.

Residents reportedly complained of headaches and dizziness resulting from the burning pile of weed. While police overseeing the fire were given masks to protect themselves from the fumes, Tangerang locals only had the unfiltered air to breathe.

According to multiple stories, the wind was quite powerfully scented.

There's even an amusing anecdote about one journalist who needed to rest with a cup of tea because of the drug's effect.

It wasn't just weed being destroyed, either. According to the Jakarta Post, the day's disposal effort also included nearly two pounds of heroin and a little more than 24 pounds of methamphetamine, which was valued at $1.8 million.

It's not clear if those substances were burned alongside the weed or disposed of in a different manner.

The Telegraph reports 13 people have been arrested since January as a result of the drug raids. From behind bars, they're probably feeling pretty jealous of those who witnessed the incineration.

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