Women Of All Shapes And Sizes Make Stunning Modern Pin-Up Girls (Photos)

A few bobby pins and red lipstick can create quite the new look.

The all-female staff of San Francisco and New York's Shameless Photography hold firm to that credo, crafting pin-up girls out of modern ladies.

Gone are the skinny jeans; they're replaced with flattering hourglass ensembles and cat-eye glasses. These bold, colorful photos show women at their most confident.

Photographer Sophie Spinelle, who started the business in 2009, hopes to make women feel more self-confident with the help of fellow artists Carey Lynne and Maxine Nienow.


The images, while sexual, aren't necessary for a husband or partner.

Spinelle told the Huffington Post, "The most important audience for the Shameless pinups series is the models themselves."


"I hope that when they look at these images, they can see how truly powerful, inspiring, and soul-deep beautiful they really are."

The photographer works with a team of assistants and stylists to perfect the makeup, hair and lingerie of each customer.

Each photo reflects that woman's style.

But, the pictures also make incredible gifts.

Shameless edits photos to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes.


But, the team doesn't touch body shape.


The company welcomes all types of clients to its studio.

Shameless receives plenty of positive feedback for the portraits.

Some even say the images made them look at their own bodies differently.

Spinelle added, "I've met the most amazing people, and they've been brave enough to share their fears and dreams with me, and to have that become part of the photographs."


"I've learned how rare confidence really is, and how precious."


"You'd be amazed how many truly beautiful people have no idea that they're beautiful, and it has a huge affect [sic] on what they feel is possible for their lives."

Interested in taking your turn as a glamour model?

Photography sessions run between $495 to $1,295.

Why not make the photos into a sexy bachelorette gift for your fiancé or a breakup present to yourself?

There's no downside to a pair of heels and a set of victory rolls.

Get 'em, girls.

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