Pilot Fired After Letting Hot Girls Hold Controls In Cockpit Mid-Flight

by Emily Arata

A Mexican charter pilot found himself out of a job after letting a pair of starlets fly his plane.

When singer Esmeralda Ugalde, 23, and actress friend Samadhi Zendejas, 19, boarded a private flight between Cancun and Mexico City, their flight crew wasn't quite prepared for the result.

The captain granted the pair entrance to the cockpit — stifle your giggles — and even briefly handed over the airplane controls mid-flight.

Ugalde, sister of Latin Grammy winner Ana Bárbara, posted now-deleted images of herself with a pilot's cap firmly on her head to Twitter.

When the photo received viral attention, the pilot's supervisors at Magnicharters traced the plane and hat back to the culprit, whose dismissal has been officially confirmed by the airline.

Zendejas reportedly claimed the photos were taken while on the ground, but it was too late. The pilot already confessed the entire story.

Jorge Badia, company spokesman, told the New York Daily News,

We cannot allow a pilot to make this kind of mistake, it is just not allowed. Even if the autopilot was working it is not allowed to do something like this. We cannot even allow people to enter the cabin, even if they are actors or actresses.

Magnicharters can't risk its professional reputation, not even for budding celebrities.

Now, if only the pilot thought twice before handing over the controls.

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