This Photo Of A Weasel Riding A Woodpecker Is F*cking Amazing

A photograph captured by an English nature enthusiast appears to show a woodpecker giving its weasel best friend a ride: In reality, it's a single frame of the green woodpecker's fight for its life.

BBC reports the image was shot by Essex photographer Martin Le-May, who snapped the photo Monday in London's Hornchurch Country Park while on an afternoon walk with his wife.

Le-May, who only photographs for fun, said his presence managed to distract the weasel long enough for the terrified woodpecker to escape.

He told BuzzFeed,

The woodpecker seized the opportunity and flew up and away into some bushes away to our left. Quickly the bird gathered its self respect and flew up into the trees and away from our sight.

It's a weasel-eat-woodpecker world out there, folks. This one just happened to get lucky.